Thank you for your interest in Austin Radiological Association. We have been providing quality imaging services to the people of Austin and Central Texas since 1954, and are continually working to improve access in the area to first-rate imaging technology. We operate 17 outpatient imaging centers, located conveniently throughout Austin and Central Texas, and we provide professional radiologist services at 20 area hospitals.

Our imaging centers offer everything from mammography to MRI, and we have specialty centers such as our Women’s Imaging Centers (Central, North and Kyle locations) and Children’s Imaging Center (pediatric radiology), which cater to the special needs of our patients. We have also worked hard to improve access to quality imaging services by developing strong relationships with a large number of insurance and managed care providers.

Austin Radiological Association believes in commitment to quality customer service in all areas. Our staff takes special care to assure that your exam is scheduled as quickly and conveniently as possible, and that the exam is conducted in a professional and caring manner. We strive to meet both your physical and emotional needs, and will address your concerns with compassion and respect.