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Fast Track for
breast biopsy

ARA Women’s Imaging invites providers to sign up for Fast Track today.

• Faster biopsy turnaround
• Less patient anxiety
• Minimize staff disruption
• Establishes standard protocol

Sign up using the form below.

ARA offers the flexibility to select which biopsy path you, the provider, prefer for your patients. We are here to meet your needs. You can choose:

Option 1: ARA Fast Track
Choose to have all your patients who are recommended for needle biopsy have their biopsy with ARA. When your patient has an exam that indicates the need for biopsy, our ARA Breast Navigator will consult with the patient on their status and work with the scheduling team to find the quickest, most convenient biopsy appointment. This streamlined process will minimize the time for the
patient between setting the appointment and having the biopsy procedure, ARA will notify you to obtain the appropriate medical order form.

OPTION 2: Provider choice
ARA will contact you each time a patient under your care is recommended for biopsy to ask how you wish to handle that case.

OPTION 3: Provider consult
ARA will explain to the patient at the time biopsy is recommended that they should contact your office to discuss the next steps in obtaining the procedure. ARA encourages each woman to complete the recommended biopsy, either with ARA or elsewhere.

Partners in medicine

ARA’s entire team, from radiologists to schedulers, is committed to providing excellent care and creating the best experience for you and your patient. Once an ARA radiologist recommends a biopsy for your patient, we can provide the appropriate image-guided biopsy. ARA specializes in the following types of needle biopsy:

• Ultrasound-guided biopsy
• Stereotactic-guided biopsy
• MRI-guided biopsy
• 3D mammography-guided biopsy

Why choose ARA Fast Track?

Faster for your patient, less patient anxiety
With ARA Fast Track, ARA and health providers work together to ensure that patients have minimal wait time between having an abnormal diagnostic breast exam and completing a biopsy. ARA’s breast imaging team understands that waiting for results from a mammogram or waiting to get a biopsy is a very difficult period in a person’s life. We know this from caring for patients, talking to providers, and often personal experience.

ARA’s breast navigators support the patient

Our breast navigators help to plan healthcare pathways through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, providing education, support, coordination, and expertise for the patient and their family.

Quick biopsy scheduling with Fast Track
On the Fast Track program, ARA breast navigators immediately help patients who need a breast biopsy find the earliest ARA appointment while they are still at the imaging center. This is the fastest route to breast biopsy for the patient.

Minimizes provider staff disruption by establishing a standard scheduling process. 

Under the Fast Track program, a standard protocol will be put into place for your patients based on your preferences for handling abnormal diagnostic exams. This allows a streamlined process for your patients and also minimizes the continual disruption of handling decisions for each patient separately for you and your office staff. ARA will contact you to get a written or verbal order for each patient’s breast biopsy procedure.


Use this form to let ARA Diagnostic Imaging know how you would like to handle breast biopsy needs for your patients. You can also contact us by email at [email protected].

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