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Magnetic Resonance
Imaging (MRI)

Visualizing the body without ionizing radiation.

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Getting your MRI at ARA Diagnostic Imaging is cost effective, convenient, and offers all the quality behind ARA, including expert radiologists, caring technologists, and leading-edge imaging equipment.


ARA imaging centers offering MRI across Central Texas.


The amount of ionizing radiation used in an MRI exam.


Different MRI scans offered, from head to toe.


Choose a speciality from the list below to learn more about a specific service.

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Most people feel relaxed while getting an MRI. Our technologists are expert at helping patients feel at ease during exams.

For those that are anxious or claustrophobic, we offer light sedation. Please tell your scheduler when making your appointment.

MRI produces images of the body in amazing detail.

The advent of MRI allowed many patients to avoid unnecessary surgery.

ARA Coronavirus Response

To find out about ARA's response to coronavirus and what it means for your visit, see our coronavirus response page. To speak with an ARA representative, call 512-453-6100. Clinic hours are currently 8am to 5pm.

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