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Pediatric Imaging

Located near Dell Children's Hospital in Austin.

Why do children need a special kind of imaging?

At ARA’s Children’s Imaging Center, our radiologists and technologists are highly specialized in children’s imaging and pay close attention to the unique physical and emotional needs of these young patients and their families. The spectrum of pediatric disorders varies greatly from those encountered in adults, requiring expertise in children’s imaging. Congenital, metabolic, and developmental disorders are some of the areas our radiologists focus on, along with the more common broken bones and appendicitis.

We also follow the Image Gently protocol in recommending exams for children, meaning that we are alert to every way we can lower the radiation dose that children are exposed to while getting the imaging needed for diagnosis. One way we minimize the radiation dose is to choose lower-dose exams such as ultrasound, MRI, and X-ray when possible. However, sometimes CT is the right exam and needs to be performed to diagnose the child’s problem.

At Children’s Imaging Center, we have created a relaxing and colorful environment, and we excel in helping children and families relax and have the best experience possible while providing expert imaging and diagnostics to help your child feel better.

Animated Kid’s Video

We realize that getting an MRI can be a scary experience for your child. We created a fun video that walks your child through the MRI exam procedure.



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The radiologists at Children's Imaging Center are subspecialized in pediatric radiology.

Because children’s radiology is different than radiology for adults, it’s important to choose radiologists with experience in the special imaging of children.

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ARA is committed to the Image Gently® pledge for children. We promise to use exams without ionizing radiation when possible and to carefully monitor radiation when using CT scans.

Children are more sensitive to radiation than adults. While CT may be the right exam for your child to make a diagnosis, we will use other forms of imaging when possible.

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Masks still required in healthcare facilities

ARA continues to follow CDC guidelines in requiring employees and patients to wear masks at our imaging centers for the safety of all.

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