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MRI Scanners
at ARA

An array of MRI scanners to fit your imaging needs.

ARA has the right MRI scanners to care for you. You can count on us to provide the wide variety of MRI services you may need, including open-bore accommodations for larger patients and patients with claustrophobia. When thinking about how your body will be placed in an MRI, remember that you are not totally enclosed in the machine; only the part of your body being scanned will be in the cylinder. The part of your body inside the cylinder will not be tightly enclosed; there will be space between you and the MRI.

Our highly-trained and experienced radiologists will help your provider choose the type of MRI needed for your best diagnosis and comfort.

ARA can accommodate special needs patients with claustrophobia, respiratory issues, obesity and medical equipment dependency.

  • 3 units in the Central Texas area
  • Open-bore width of 70 cm (28.5 inches)
  • Maximum weight of 550 lbs
  • Short-bore depth of 125 cm (49 inches) allowing head and neck to remain outside the unit in 60% of exams. Ideal for claustrophobic patients.
  • Ideal for larger patients

These are powerful, open-bore scanners that are especially useful in advanced imaging of the musculoskeletal system, brain, prostate and breast.

  • 6 units available in the Central Texas area
  • Open-bore (inner circle) width of 70 cm (28.5 inches)
  • Maximum weight range of 550 lbs
  • Bore depth of 173 cm (68 inches)
  • Average scan time is quicker which aids claustrophobic patients.

Depending on the study you need, 1.5T MRI is often the ideal choice, providing exceptional resolution.

  • Standard MRI used on majority of exams
  • 15 units available in the Central Texas area
  • Bore width of 60 cm (24.5 inches)
  • Maximum weight range of 350-440 lbs
  • Bore depth of 160-173 cm (63-68 inches)


Getting Your MRI at ARA

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