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Neuroradiology is the medical subspecialty that evaluates the various disorders of the central nervous system, including the brain, head and neck regions, and spine. Primarily using the powerful cross-sectional techniques of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT scan), they also perform contrast myelography and image directed therapeutic injections in the spine. Angiography is used to diagnose vascular lesions of the central nervous system, which in some instances may be treated by catheter directed techniques.

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Solomon Abay, MD

Joshua Abramowitz, MD

Booth W. Aldred, MD

Mark A. Auler, MD

Nabeel Farhataziz, MD

David J. Feldman, MD

Sam M. Hassibi, MD

Chang Ho, MD

Kent E. Ibanez, MD

Jonathan A. Kini, MD

David R. Leake, MD

Anthony M. Masaryk, MD

Akshita Mehta, MD

John R. Mireur, MD

John Nisbet, MD

Bhairav (Bido) Patel, MD

Russell D. Putnam, MD

Dan N. Richardson, MD

Kellan Schallert, MD

Rajeev Shah, MD, MBA, FACR

David Shaw, MD

Justin S. Simonds, MD

Krishna Surapaneni, MD

Ryan W. Vancura, MD

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