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Body/Cross Sectional Imaging

Body imaging radiologists specialize in the use and interpretation of cross-sectional imaging techniques to diagnose and follow disease processes of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Using computed tomography (CT scan), ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), they identify neoplastic, inflammatory and traumatic lesions throughout the body. They also provide image-guided biopsies of suspicious lesions and catheter drainage of abnormal fluid collections.

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John M. Barkley, MD

Hillel Ben-Avi, MD

Daniel G. Bloom, MD

Megan E. Bouchareb, MD

Frank Chia, MD

Ronald L. Hoelscher, MD

Jody J. Hooten, MD

Charles E. Johnson, MD

John E. Manning, MD

Elizabeth A. Moorehead, MD

Jason C. Naples, MD

Taemee Pak, MD

Mark Poag, MD

Yvonne M. Queralt, MD

Sussan Sadeghi, MD

Sandeep A. Shah, MD

Anthony K. Trevino, MD

Jason R. Wallace, MD

John G. Williams, MD

James Willis, MD

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