The impact of computer technology on medical imaging is increasing exponentially. Not only at the level of high-resolution acquisition, but also at the level of sophisticated processing, storage and communication. The maturity of current 3D rendering software in combination with recent developments in computer vision techniques enable an exciting range of applications for the visualization, measurement and interactive manipulation of volumetric data.

Terarecon - PACS - Health Care Providers - Austin Radiological Association

For years biomedical researchers have been excited by the prospect of digital radiology workstations that can analyze 3D images in real time. Imagine having the ability to view internal anatomy in full color from any angle and any cut on demand. With the deployment of TeraRecon’s AquariusNet Server and Aquarius Workstations, ARA Radiologists now have the ability to do exactly that.

The AquariusNET is a powerful centrally shared server which streams large slice CT / MR studies in 2D, 3D, and 4D over our local network to ‘thin-client’ PCs for review. Image rendering is performed on the server and only screen updates are streamed ‘on-demand’ to wherever images are needed. Our Radiologists can interact in real-time with large slice studies from any remote PC location by streaming back incoming mouse commands. Comprehensive clinical applications are incorporated with efficient workflow-enhancing tools and an intuitive user interface with reporting capabilities.