On Saturday, February 17, 2018, ARA performed an upgrade to the FUJI Synapse application. If you have not logged on since then, the first study that you open will prompt you to upgrade Synapse. For full information, see this PACS information sheet.

For IT help, go to the Technical Assistance Center for online support or call us at (512) 531-7227.

Picture Archiving and Communications System, or PACS, is a system that acquires, transmits, stores, retrieves, and displays digital images and related patient information from a variety of imaging sources and communicates that information over a secure network. For the last century film has been practically the only medium for radiographic imaging.

Film, being a relatively fixed medium, usually has only one set of available images. PACS allows for a truly filmless process with all the flexibility of a digital system. ARA chose Fuji’s Synapse® PACS and digital X-ray solutions to completely transform our practice to an all-digital, virtual radiology environment. PACS has the potential to transform patients’ experience of the care they receive at ARA, and improve the quality of the service we are able to provide.