On Saturday, February 17th, 2018, ARA performed an upgrade to the FUJI Synapse application. If you have not logged on since then, the first study that you open will prompt you to upgrade Synapse. For full information, see this information sheet.

For IT help, go to the Technical Assistance Center for online support or call us at (512) 531-7227.
ARA’s commitment to utilizing the most advanced technology available allows us to be the premiere diagnostic imaging provider locally as well as a national leader in radiology. Since 2001 our award-winning PACS services has granted healthcare providers secure access to patients’ images and interpretation anywhere, anytime, on any platform allowing for expedited delivery of diagnosis. Now ARA can streamline clinical workflow and help your practice meet meaningful use objectives by developing a radiology interface with your EMR. Utilizing our experience and technological know-how we have developed EMR interfaces for nearly 1500 providers to date. Contact us today to learn how ARA’s commitment to technology can improve clinical workflow and ultimately the quality of care for your patients.

News & Developments

  • ARA Named “Key Local Partner” by Dell Medical School

    From the University of Texas Dell Medical School website, Friday, November 3, 2017: New Dell Medical School Department Upends Traditional Diagnostic Model in Collaboration with Local Partners “AUSTIN, Texas — Dell Medical School at The University of Texas has launched a …

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    09 Nov 2017
  • Men’s Health Screenings at ARA

    Catching a health issue early really makes a big difference in how it’s treated. So, screenings really are very important because we have the opportunity to look inside the body when there are no symptoms and catch something early that …

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    13 Jul 2017