Routine X-rays

How shall I prepare for the test?

You may be asked to remove all jewelry and wear a gown during the x-ray examination because metal and certain clothing can obscure the images and require repeat studies.

How will the test feel?

There is no discomfort from x-ray exposure. Patients may be asked to stay still in awkward positions for a short period of time.

When will I get the results?

If your exam is ordered as a stat, your doctor should get the results within 2 hours after your exam is complete. If the exam is ordered as a routine, your doctor should get the results within 24-48 hours. Please contact your doctor’s office for your results.

Can you tell my results?

No, a radiologist must read and dictate your exams; you will receive the results from your doctor.

Why did you do the left side of my chest when the symptoms are on the right side?

Several exams are routinely done on the left side. In regards to a chest x-ray, it is because it decreases magnification of the heart, etc.

Can we look at both of my knees, hands, etc?

No, we are only able to image the anatomy ordered by your doctor.

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