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Welcome to “The Mammo Minute”, a video series where we will discuss everything you need to know about mammograms, breast health, and cancer prevention. In each episode, we will cover a different topic related to these important issues, such as how to prepare for a mammogram, what to expect during the procedure, how to interpret the results, and what steps to take if you have any concerns. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and helpful information that can empower you to take charge of your health and well-being. We hope you enjoy this series and find it useful.

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Busting myths about breast cancer

Dr. Arthy Saravanan, Chief of the Breast Imaging Section at ARA, discusses some common myths about breast cancer


How much radiation is in a mammogram?

Dr. Arthy Saravanan discusses the low-dose nature of mammograms and reassures viewers that the benefits of early detection and treatment of breast cancer far outweigh the risks associated with this minimal amount of radiation exposure.


Who can get breast cancer?

Dr. Arthy Saravanan explains that everyone is born with breast tissue, meaning anyone can potentially develop breast cancer, regardless of gender.


Does Getting a mammogram hurt?

Dr. Arthy Saravanan explains what to expect during a mammogram and the range of sensations women might experience.


What exams are there for dense breasts?

Dr. Arthy Saravanan addresses the important question: “What exams are there for dense breasts?”

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