A Breast Cancer Patient’s Story – One Woman’s Journey

One woman’s story about her breast cancer diagnosis. This patient had a screening mammogram at Austin Radiological Association. The radiologist who interpreted her exam indicated that she needed a follow-up exam and was scheduled for a stereotactic breast biopsy at ARA. Her prognosis is good, and she credits having had the mammogram, getting an early diagnosis of breast cancer, and having excellent physicians. She had a suspect area in her breast, and her physician referred her to the Breast Imaging Center at ARA. She found the facility clean and comfortable, but the best thing was the staff, who always scheduled her quickly and knew what imaging procedures she needed to have done. The ARA radiologist thought that she needed a stereotactic breast biopsy and made her feel like she was in good hands. The first steps in her recovery were the most important, and taking the first step to getting the mammogram and having confidence in the people who do the procedures makes all the difference.

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