ARA President Dr. Gregory Karnaze Awarded 2016 TRS Gold Medal

April 22, 2016 — Gregory C. Karnaze, MD, FACR, will be awarded this evening with the Texas Radiological Society’s Gold Medal. The Gold Medal is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to radiology and radiologists in Texas by one of its members. It is intended as peer recognition of outstanding meritorious achievement and contribu­tions that reflects credit upon radiology in Texas.

Karnaze w Fluoroscope

Dr. Karnaze graduated from Dartmouth College and the University of Kansas Medical School, both with high honors. He completed his radiology residency at the Mayo Clinic in 1981. He was an assistant professor at the Mayo Medical School in vascular & interventional radiology until 1983.

From Rochester, Dr. Karnaze made his way to Texas, joining the Austin Radiological Association. Not long after his arrival in Austin, he immersed himself in the leadership of the group, ultimately becoming President in 2000, a position he continues to hold. Dr. Karnaze became involved in the TRS in 2004, becoming the Treasurer and later serving as President in 2009.

Dr. Karnaze is recognized by the TRS for his contributions toward the fiscal solvency of the Society. At the time Dr. Karnaze became involved in the TRS, the treasury was consistently losing money. By the end of his term as Treasurer, the Society coffers had increased by 30 percent.
Dr. Karnaze is best appreciated for his keen sense of humor.  This was quite possibly an acquired skill, having grown up the middle child of six.  In high school he was on the varsity swim team and in college lettered in lightweight crew. Until recently he was a member in the master’s swim team at the UT swim center. One of Dr. Karnaze’s hobbies includes automobile racing. He can be seen on the Formula One track just outside of Austin. One of his fondest activities includes salmon fishing in Alaska with his family.

The idea for this award began in 1968 when then TRS president Robert N. Cooley, Sr., MD, was asked to prepare a set of working specifications for the qualifications of a recipient. Drs. Sehested and O’Bannon gave their support for the concept of a gold medal award. The Executive Committee gave its approval at a meeting in January 1969 and asked Drs. Allen, Moreton and Yates to proceed with the concept.

The award is not obligatory each year. The recipient shall have been a member of the TRS for at least ten years and must be in good standing with the American College of Radiology. Nominations by a member shall be presented in writing to the secretary at least four months prior to the meeting. The Executive Committee also may nominate suitable candidates. Approval of the nominee requires a two-thirds vote of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. Approval of more than one candidate is allowed in unusual circumstances and must be determined by the unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

A letter of October 26, 1970, from TRS President William H. Neil, Sr., MD, to Roscoe P. O’Bannon, MD, stated that O’Bannon had been a unanimous choice to be the first recipient of the Gold Medal to be awarded to him at the banquet of the Texas Radiological Society Annual Meeting on January 29, 1971.  A total of 78 medals have been awarded to date, with Dr. Karnaze being the 79th recipient. Greg Karnaze, MD, is an outstanding addition to the ranks of Gold Medalists from our fine society.

— Peter B. Riesz, MD, FACR, TRS Historian, and Thomas Fletcher, MD, FACR

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