Our mission is to increase awareness of environmental issues throughout the company and the community that we serve. We believe that every aspect of the environment impacts the health of our minds, bodies, and spirits. As such we are dedicated to making improvements for the betterment of our environment.

Austin Radiological Association was a top finalist in the 2010 Austin Chamber of Commerce Greater Austin Business Awards under the Environment and Community Relations Categories.

Going Green!

Below is a list of actions we have recently taken to become Green! Through our recycling efforts from January 2010 – July 2010, we recycled approximately 131,730 Lbs of paper saving:

  • 1,120 trees
  • 25,029 gallons of oil
  • 461,055 gallons of water
  • 316,152 kilowatt hours of energy
  • 6,586 cubic yards of landfill space
  • All of our courier fleet vehicles are rated as Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicles (ULEV-2).
  • In November 2009 we began asking patients to donate their unwanted MRI socks that we provide to them during their examination to Caritas of Austin. Through our MRI sock donation program we have donated 1,800+ pairs of socks to Caritas of Austin.
  • We recycle used toner cartridges through EnviroSmart.
  • We now have many telecommuting employees that reduce the amount of pollution and traffic in the Austin area.
  • We use PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), allowing us to send images to doctor’s offices through the computer instead of printing the films. This also allows us to print exams onto CD’s instead of film, reducing the amount of waste for doctors or patients that want hard copies of their exams.
  • We installed VendingMisers and SnackMisers on all vending and soda machines.
  • We have stopped ordering Styrofoam cups and instead have either ordered more “green” cups or ceased using disposable cups.
  • We order “green” office supplies wherever it is cost feasible.
  • We have encouraged all employees to use “green” cloth reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags at the grocery store and even provided employees with bags during the 2008 employee appreciation week.

The Green Team - Save the Environment! - Austin Radiological Association