EVLT before and after

An EVLT before and after story

Treatment at the Austin Vein Center results in greater comfort and activity.

Mr.  A recently came to the Austin Vein Center with right calf varicose veins and swelling. He is a 46 year old man with history of bilateral surgical vein stripping in 1986. Over the last 5 years he noticed new issues. His calf felt heavy and tired at the end of the day. He took advantage of ARA’s free screening program which lead him to an official consult with one our interventional radiologists specializing in the treatment of vein disease. He underwent EVLT of his diseased right small saphenous vein with microphlebectomy of his varicose veins. The patient stated that the recovery from this was much easier than the surgical vein stripping he had in 1986.
His calf now feels lighter and he is more active after having treatment.
Mr. A now enjoys swimming 1-2 hour laps at Barton Springs.

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EVLT legs Sept 2015

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