Animated Kid’s Video: Carlos Gets an MRI

Come along with Carlos as he gets an MRI at the ARA Mueller Children’s Imaging Center in Austin, TX.


Hi, I’m Carlos.

Today, I’m getting an MRI scan. Why don’t you come along and see what it’s like?

First, we check-in. I put my shoes and things in a locker for later and wear a funny gown, pants, and socks. So does my mom.

Then I get an IV on the inside of my elbow. Our bodies are filled with fluids. For the MRI, I need extra fluids that go in my veins. That’s called an IV. The IV is like a straw that goes into your vein with a quick poke and a tiny needle. Then the fluids can go into my body through the straw, and the MRI can see inside my body better. It’s so cool!

Getting the IV is quick. I count to five.

One, two, three, four, five. All set.

Then I stand on the metal detector and spin around to make sure there’s no metal. I spin in a circle like this.

Then we go to the MRI room. I like having my mom with me. I also get to wear headphones or earplugs because the MRI machine is so loud.

I lay down here and put on a helmet. Then I have to be very, very still and not move. It sounds like a roller coaster or a steam engine. I hear my operator talking to me to make sure I’m okay.

[Operator] You’re doing great, Carlos.

It takes a long time, but I think about the monkeys and the animals. I pretend I’m waiting quietly for them to come out and play.

Afterward, the IV is taken out, and I returned the funny gown.

Getting an MRI is a bit of an adventure, but now that I’ve done it once, it’s no big deal.

And the best part is the sticker I get when it’s all done!

ARA Children’s Imaging Center.  Schedule at (512) 453-6100

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