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ARA Theranostics


Theranostics is a combination of the words therapeutics and diagnostics. Theranostic medicines are beginning to revolutionize cancer treatment and more therapies are on their way.


About Theranostics

Theranostics works on the principle that if diseased tissue can be identified and differentiated from surrounding healthy tissues, the diseased tissue can be treated without harming the healthy tissue. The patient receives a tiny amount of injectable medicine that can find specific types of cells, typically cancer cells. This medicine is first attached to microscopic amounts of low-dose radiation to image and confirm binding to the diseased tissue and is then attached to high-dose radiation to kill diseased tissue. Theranostics treatments are usually given by infusion, which is a slow administration of medicine through intravenous (IV) drip.

By offering emerging theranostics, ARA radiologists and specially trained medical staff are able to perform leading-edge treatments that bring hope and new possibilities to Central Texans.


The ARA Theranostics Center

The Theranostics Center at ARA has been designed at our Midtown location to comfortably and safely administer the radioactive medicines that are used in theranostics treatments.

The treatments typically last several hours, therefore the Center is made to be accommodating for patients during their stay. Wi-Fi and television are provided in the infusion room. Patients may also bring a book, computer, or other quiet activity to occupy their time. ARA provides lunch as well as snacks and drinks over the course of the day. Patients can bring a friend or family member to keep them company during the treatment, except during the period of the radioactive medicine infusion, which lasts approximately 45 minutes.

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Theranostics Explainer Graphic

Theranostics treatment can specifically target just the diseased cells.

1) Medicine is infused through IV to target diseased cells in the body. 2) The targeting agent carries a microscopic amount of radiation to specific receptors on diseased cells. 3) After attaching, the targeting agent delivers a lethal dose of radiation to the diseased cells. 4) The radiation kills the diseased cells, leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

Theranostics Explainer Graphic

ARA has a high-tech theranostics center at our Midtown location

The theranostics center is specially designed to administer radioactive theranostic agents to patients in a safe environment using specially trained personnel. Our molecular radiologists are double-certified in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

Masks still required in healthcare facilities

ARA continues to follow CDC guidelines in requiring employees and patients to wear masks at our imaging centers for the safety of all.

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