What is PACS?

PACS is a Picture Archiving Communication System. ARA PACS allows clinical offices and hospitals access to their patient’s diagnostic reports and imaging over the internet.

Is my computer fast enough to run PACS?

Having the latest in computer technology is unnecessary when accessing reports, however, to view images it is recommended to at least meet the minimum specifications outlined in the PC requirements document.

Am I eligible to receive access to PACS?

PACS is available to physicians and their clinical staff members who send patients for diagnostic imaging to ARA, Austin Regional Clinic, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Seton facilities, and UT Health Austin.

How do I get access to PACS?

If you meet the eligibility requirements you can request access here. If approved, access to ARA PACS is generally sent out within one to two business days, and Seton requests are processed within one week. To apply, go to PACS Login Request.

What if I still want my reports faxed and films delivered?

ARA PACS will not replace your current imaging process unless requested by your site administrator. Before making the decision to go “filmless,” we encourage you to use this site to increase your familiarity with PACS and become comfortable with its benefits before making the digital leap.

My login doesn't work. How do I get in?

A Synapse account can only be locked for one of two reasons. Either the user has incorrectly entered his/her password more than three times in a row, or the account is over the 90 day limit. Call the ARA helpdesk at 531-PACS (7227) to have an account representative unlock your account.

Are measurements accurate in Synapse?

The accuracy of measurements, such as length or area, depends on the accuracy of the pixel size information sent from the modality through the DICOM interface. But DICOM header information may be incorrect. Users must confirm the scale accuracy before using it for clinical decisions. Please refer to the Measurement Calibration guide for more information.