My EMR doesn’t have an interface with ARA, how can I get one?

Please fill out the online request form on the EMR Interface Request Form Page or call Dennis Wesselman at 512-632-4521.

Will an interface allow me to order radiology exams directly from my EMR?

ARA has the capability to develop both uni-directional (results only) and bi-directional (orders and results) interfaces with most EMR’s, please contact your EMR vendor to determine what kind of interfaces they currently have available.

Why are not all exams available to order electronically?

Some radiology exams have special requirements making them unavailable for electronic ordering, we are constantly striving to make as many exams as possible available for electronic ordering, when a new exam is made available we will send a notification to all providers utilizing an active orders interface.

What do I do if I can’t find the exam I’m trying to order?

Please call our Central Scheduling line at (512) 453-6100 to inquire about missing exams. More than likely, the exam you are looking for is one of those unavailable for electronic ordering.

Is it ok to choose an exam that is close to what I’m trying to order and then just put what I need in the notes section?

No, this will result in the wrong exam being scheduled and possibly performed.

May I send a test order?

Please contact our Help Desk at 512-531-7227 prior to scheduling any test orders, we’ll need to provide you with the proper test patient criteria before you can submit a test order.

What do I do if the interface isn’t working?

First, contact your EMR vendor or IT Department and report the issue, then contact our Help Desk at 512-531-7227.

I need to add a new provider to the interface, who do I contact?

Please make sure your EMR vendor or IT Department is aware of the new provider and then fill out the online request form on the EMR Interface Request Form Page.

May I submit two exams on one order?

In order to process the diagnostic results properly it is necessary that only one order be placed per exam.

May I send the patient over to ARA and submit the order after they’ve left?

It is best practice to send the patient to ARA only after you have submitted the e-order.