What does Austin Radiological Association do to help limit your Radiation Exposure?

  • ARA has over 90+ board certified radiologists, all of whom have extensive training in radiation safety and methods to limit radiation exposure for our patients. One physician serves as a Radiation Safety Officer to provide leadership for our internal programs.
  • All of our technical staff have both national and state registration and certifications and are trained to monitor the radiation exposure of the equipment they use to perform your imaging.
  • The imaging equipment at all of our facilities is American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited. As a requirement of this accreditation, each unit is calibrated and monitored by our staff and a licensed medical physicist, as well as being serviced by factory qualified engineers.
  • Our radiologists can confer with your physician to ensure the most appropriate imaging procedure is performed to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.
  • Through our affiliation with the American College of Radiology and the American Board of Radiology we monitor the latest publications and trends so that we may quickly implement any new dose reduction guidelines.