Wellness Exams

What is calcium scoring?

CT Calcium Scoring is the best noninvasive test for determining coronary artery calcium content.

For what is the ankle brachial index used?

It measures the fall in blood pressure in the arteries supplying the legs and as such is used to detect evidence of blockages (peripheral vascular disease). It is calculated by dividing the systolic blood pressure in the ankle by the higher of the two systolic blood pressures in the arms.

What does a bone density show?

A bone density is a test used to show if your bones have loss mass or bone density. Moderate bone loss is called osteopenia, severe bone loss is called osteoporosis. These conditions can place you at an increased risk of fractures of your bones. The Bone Density Scan can accurately predict who is at increased risk for fractures and be used to accurately follow those with osteoporosis for worsening or improvement.

Will my insurance cover a wellness exam?

It depends upon your insurance coverage. Please refer to your description of benefits of benefits to see which exams are covered.

Do I have to have an order for my yearly mammogram?

Generally, women who are age 40 and over can self refer for their yearly mammogram and do not need an order; however, please contact our scheduling department to make sure you do not need an order.

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