How do I request a copy of my medical records?

You can request a copy of your medical records at our records request site.

What if I am unable to go through with my study because I am claustrophobic or in too much pain?

We provide open MRI services if you cannot tolerate a conventional MRI scanner. The service is detailed in the MRI section.

Are there devices or metal objects that cannot be brought into an MRI scanner?

Yes, there are several devices and articles that cannot be brought near the scanner for your protection. These are detailed in the MRI section.

Does someone there speak Spanish?

ARA provides free services in a number of language and for a variety of disabilities. Please inform us ahead of time so that we can try to arrange for translation or disability services.

Do you have handicapped access at your imaging centers?

Yes, all of our centers are handicap accessible and we have wheelchairs to assist patients when needed. For the location of a convenient Imaging Center near you, please refer to our Locations page.

What can I do if my child will not hold still for the study?

ARA can provide services to enable you or your child to get through the exam safely and comfortably. These services are detailed in sedation and pain management.

Can I accompany my child during his or her exam?

Usually this is possible and may even be recommended. Please refer to information on the specific exam that your child is having.

Other FAQs