Varicocele embolization may be an ideal treatment for men with pain or infertility symptoms caused by varicoceles. An Interventional Radiologist can help you determine if you are a good candidate for VE in an office consultation. When compared to surgery, varicocele embolization has many advantages:

  • Average of 1-2 days for complete recovery for embolization compared to 2-3 weeks for surgery
  • 24 percent of surgical ligation patients required overnight hospital stay, compared to none for embolization
  • No surgical incision in the scrotal area
  • Effective as surgery, as measured by improvement in semen analysis and pregnancy rates
  • Less recovery time — able to return to normal daily activities immediately and without hospital admittance
  • A patient with varicoceles on both sides can have them fixed simultaneously through one vein puncture site compared to surgery which requires two separate open incisions
  • No general anesthesia and no sutures
  • Cost-effective