People with certain diseases or medical conditions sometimes require that catheters be placed into the veins so that they can receive medications or nutrients directly into the blood stream or so blood can be drawn. Once, surgery was required to insert these tubes, but today these procedures can be done without surgery by an interventional radiologist. A central venous catheter is a tube that is inserted beneath your skin so there is a simple, pain-free way for doctors or nurses to draw your blood or give you medication or nutrients. When you have a central venous catheter, you are spared the irritation and discomfort of repeated needlesticks.

Doctors often recommend central venous access devices for patients who regularly have:

  •  Chemotherapy treatments
  •  Infusions of antibiotics or other medications
  •  Nutritional supplements

Chest and arm ports (Portacath)

Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC line)

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